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Tea Time in a Box

Bringing the best tea flavors from around the world

The beginning of your tea journey is only a
box away

Tea Time in a Box

Bringing the best tea flavors from around the world

The beginning of your tea journey is only a
box away
Who We Are

Our teas are not the average teas, we box the most premium and flavorful teas. Although tea alone may taste incredible; when it is harmonized with a delicious pastry, the experience transforms into something absolutely unexpected...

You just have to open up the monthly box, scan the QR code, & enjoy the moment!

How it Works

<strong>Step 1: </strong>

Subscribe to get a monthly box of premium loose leaf teas and snacks.

<strong>Step 2: </strong>

Receive your curated tea and pastry pairings direct to your doorstep.

<strong>Step 3: </strong>

Learn tea pairings via QR code on flyer in box. Then SIP-BITE-SIP your way through your tea journey.

We Support

Women & Minority-
Owned Business

Tea J Tea is a Washington State female and minority-owned business founded by John Milton and Thuy Tran under their parent company Miltran Labs LLC.

Endangered Wildlife
in India

One of our Indian tea source’s purposes is to assist the endangered wildlife and women workers in the tea industry of that region. They hope to promote a positive cohabitation between humans and wildlife. We believe in their cause and endorse their efforts in our product line.

Fair Trade &
Fair Wages

Our business is determined to support farmers in underrepresented communities to obtain fair wages and education through fair trade. We strive to procure teas from ethical sources that work directly with family farms and independent cooperatives to bring awareness to the tea community of the various countries and tea growing regions.

Artisan Pottery

We believe in supporting American artists and innovators. We partner with potters nationally to develop customized brewing vessels. Our goal is to continue supporting national artists as we continue to scale.

to Cup

Traceability is an emerging concern for tea suppliers. Our single origin line will have detailed information about where the tea comes from and the farmers. Blended teas are more difficult to pinpoint the origins, and we’ll make every effort to provide as much information as possible to our consumers.

USA Small

Giving back to the community is one of our core values, and there’s nothing better than supporting US tea farms and tea shops.

Learn About Tea

The World of Tea is similar to that of wine or coffee. There’s so much to learn starting from the origins of the tea plants, to the manufacturing processes, to the flavor profile and even benefits. Step into this exciting world with TeaJTea and allow us to guide you through the beginning steps of YOUR tea journey.

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Delicious tasty pastry cookies combined with unique tea flavors!

- Alena K. -

AmazingAlena K.

I absolutely love this subscription service! The teas were perfectly paired with the pastries and made my entire experience so pleasurable!

- Mady -


I have absolutely loved this subscription learning Teas from around the world and how they pair is so exciting.



The tea was very refreshing to have with the pastry. It complimented the sweetness of the pastry very well. I feel like I could drink this tea all day.

- SARA V. -

Highly recommended!SARA V.

Had the pleasure to attend a Teajtea tea ceremony with a delicious variety of teas carefully curated and brewed including a winter dong pian and a Vietnamese yabao. The Teajtea team paired moon cakes, green tea wafers, chaga crackers and other goodies with the teas to complement not just flavors but also texture. They were poised, knowledgeable, and welcoming as they explained the best way to savor each tea and treat. It was an unforgettable and enlightening experience.
- AJ -


I was so surprised how delicious the pastry with the tea was! I'm excited to try more combinations

- TONI B. -

Wonderful!TONI B.

These boxes are absolutely amazing. A lot of the teas are unique ones that I'd never considered before, but after trying them with the pairings, they're absolutely delightful!! Each box is informative as well and the included information on which teas to drink with which snack, as well as different brewing methods and the notes on each tea are quite helpful. I also love the stickers on the snacks and teas, as they're color-coded to match: each tea has a sticker that goes with the matching colored sticker on the snacks. It's very useful to keep track!! I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a unique and fun way to experience tea with others.


Amazing Teas and Perfect Pairings!NELDON

The pairing is perfect ! The kit comes with everything you need honey tea bags a flavor for all moods. It’s the best package for everyday!
- TAWNY B. -

AmazingTAWNY B.

The tea quality is fantastic!
This tea box gives me a really exciting and enjoyable experience. From opening the box, drinking tea, eating the paired snacks, and reading the tea description, I can tell that they really put a lot of work into this tea box. Definitely a good choice for people who want to try more new teas around the world😊


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