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Origins of Tea J Tea

Our mission is to provide unique tea tasting experiences from around the world through our teas & pastries sourced from various cultures with teaware and step-by-step brewing instructions

Origins of Tea J Tea

The perfect tea moment is hard to come by…

Who Are We

To create the perfect tea moment you’ll need a bit of knowledge about tea, tea flavor profiles, pastry flavors, & brewing methodologies. However, the most important aspect of creating the special moment is who you share the tea experience with.

Various Flavor

So, is there an easy way to accomplish all this?

Yes, there is, with a Tea Time In A Box from Tea J Tea!

We will provide you with the tools and teas, you just need to choose the person with whom you want to share the special moment.

But first, let’s go back to how this concept all began…

Pandan Fan

Tea J Tea or the Tea time in a box was once only an innovative idea shared by our co-founders, Thuy & John. Being a first-generation Vietnamese American, Thuy was always fond of her beloved cup of pandan green tea, derived from her homeland of Vietnam. For her, this fragrant yet smoothly non-astringent tea fusion was worth dying for, though it was difficult to source all the way from Vietnam. Through her love for pandan, she began to explore more and more unique tea flavors from around the world.

While Thuy was slowly striving to become a tea expert, John’s love for tea began with the same pandan green tea from Vietnam. He was looking for something to cure his craving for caffeine as the pandemic had made it nearly impossible to visit his favorite coffee shops. Thuy’s beloved pandan tea became his new best friend because the tea calmed his desire for caffeine and it made him a tea lover for eternity.


Forming the Tea Time in a Box Experience

Thus, began a whole new journey for the duo! It was an experiment and an exploration towards hundreds of new tea flavors. They tried and tested many teas from around the world and eventually started to pair them with pastries. This was merely a hobby at the beginning, yet before they knew it, many wanted to learn the secrets on how to find the best matching pastries for their beloved teas.

Tea Time in a box is the ultimate result of their journey. TeaJTea’s box combines three of the finest quality tea choices with great pastry pairings that will lift your tea experience to the next level..

The best part about these boxes is not only the premium quality tea but the founders' drive to share their hard-earned knowledge with you, fellow tea lovers. Each tea that you sip within these boxes has a fantastic backstory, and you only have to scan the QR code given in the box to learn more!


We source the best and most flavorful from around the world, so you don’t need to. It will be a journey for you, from authenticity to adventure, and backed by sensational flavors.

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