Buying a Gift?

Buying a Gift?

What makes an ideal tea gift?

Our perspective is that gift-giving can be just as fulfilling as receiving gifts. The exchange of gifts should evoke positive feelings by showing how much thought has been put into finding the perfect items for the receiver and should express the feelings the gifter has towards the person who receives it. Now, let us tell you why “Tea Time In A Box” becomes the perfect gift for all tea lovers in the world!

Our Tea Time In A Box concept delivers a complete tea experience for anyone who: likes tea flavors, is curious about where the tea comes from, wants to explore teas from around the world, but above all, it’s for those that desire to be on a tea journey and enjoy learning all about tea. Our teas are better than the average store-bought tea gift because the founders have hand-selected these delicious teas with you in mind. The “fruity or floral” tea line comforts your taste buds, the “single-origin” allows you to taste the nuances of each tea type and its environmental region. Lastly, our “explorer” line expands your perception of rare tea types around the world.  We believe this experience will become something to cherish. Even for those who are new to the world of tea, these boxes will demonstrate what a wholesome tea experience could be. Each box is different every month & contains;

  • Teas:  3 individually packed tea options, following our categories of Origins, Fruity or Florals & Explorer. Each of these lines has its own characteristics that will attract tea lovers! 
  • Pastries: Four distinct types of pastries are picked to pair with our Origins & Fruity or Florals line. Two pastries will be paired with each tea to give you quite the variety! 
  • Saltine Crackers: These are used to clear out your palates in between different tea + pastry pairings. It would help you fully enjoy the flavors of the next pairing you try. 
  • Tea knowledge: You will become a tea master in an instant as these boxes are equipped with A-Z tea information on the teas we offer within these boxes. Scan the QR code to access this information within seconds.