8 Incredible Spearmint Tea Benefits & Side Effects You Didn't Know

8 Incredible Spearmint Tea Benefits & Side Effects You Didn't Know

Mar 09, 2023

Johnathan Milton

How familiar are you with this incredible yet delicious member of the Mint family? Throughout history, people have been using mint for different stomach-related issues and as an ingredient for toothpaste due to its pleasant flavor profile and other benefits. According to literature, Spearmint was a popular crop during the period of the American Revolution, as many other tea types. While this wondrous plant relates to many customs from its centuries-old history, we plan to focus on its uses as a beverage while exploring spearmint tea benefits and many other important facts.

What is Spearmint tea exactly?

Spearmint or Mentha spicata is a plant that belongs to the famous mint family, and as you already know, the plant has diverse uses and health benefits. However, when it comes to the perspective of herbal tea, this has always been a very simple yet refreshing drink. Spearmint tea uses either fresh or dried leaves of the Spearmint plant, and the most common practice is to use dried spearmint leaves for the purpose of drinking tea. Dried spearmint leaves are trendy among tea masters as an ingredient in fusion tea blends and tisanes due to the unique flavor profile of this tea. When you brew a cup of spearmint tea, first you will be amazed by its pleasing minty aroma, then as you sip the tea a refreshing sweet mint flavor coats your mouth. Spearmint tea leaves make a perfect base for hot teas, iced teas, and mocktails.

History of Spearmint

The tale of this spearmint plant goes way back in history. According to records, ancient Romans introduced this plant to Britain during the 5th century. Some stories share that the plant has even been mentioned in the Bible and a few other historical documents. However, today, the plant has spread widely among almost every continent and is used heavily as a food ingredient, herbal tea, essential oil &, etc.

Amazing Spearmint tea benefits

Spearmint tea benefits are so diverse and valuable. As casual tea drinkers, many tend to appreciate the refreshing mint flavor as a primary benefit of this tea. However, these sensory benefits are only one part of this story and many other benefits of this tea contribute to our health and wellness. Similar to peppermint benefits, spearmint also contains abundant antioxidant compounds, vitamins, and minerals. As with any other tea or herbal tea though, a plant alone cannot do wonders to our health. There are numerous health benefits of tisane tea, from its soothing properties to its rich antioxidants, yet we still have a role to play.  It is a combination of healthy living style through exercise and having better food and beverage habits. Now we’ll provide a list below of some reasons why you should consider adding spearmint tea to your daily beverage list.

Better Digestion

Enhancing digestion is the most popular benefit out of all the Spearmint tea benefits. Studies have revealed that the compound group called (-)-carvone found in Spearmint can relieve digestive upsets within us while soothing other related issues such as indigestion and vomiting.

Aid Hormonal Imbalance

When considering the benefits of Spearmint tea, its ability to cure hormonal imbalance is remarkable. This property is a benefit of peppermint and spearmint tea, as both these plants can control certain hormones and their activities within us. One study found that Spearmint can reduce the level of male hormones (testosterone) in women while increasing female hormones required for better ovulation. Spearmint tea could especially help women achieve better hormonal balance within their bodies.

Menstruation and Period Cramps

Drinking spearmint tea could be an ideal remedy for those who struggle with painful cramps and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms, due to its antispasmodic properties. In general, any plant from the mint family has this property, and many have experienced this soothing effect of mint. Apart from that, spearmint herbal tea is beneficial for symptoms like Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) due to its hormone-regulating ability.

Bacterial Infection

Spearmint tea contains excellent antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which could help you with better oral health. If you have ever wondered why mint-based oral products are so popular, these properties could be one reason. Especially products like toothpaste, chewing gum, breath fresheners, and other mouth-refreshing mint products.

Reduce Bad Breath: The most popular among Spearmint tea benefits

Spearmint tea, or Spearmint in general, can cure bad breath, this is one of the most prominent features of spearmint tea's health benefits. Whenever we brush our teeth with minty toothpaste or chew gum flavored with mint, we all seek this benefit from the mint. Similarly, mint tea can also help reduce bad breath and related issues with the help of its antimicrobial properties.

Improve Memory

When considering the benefits of drinking spearmint tea, better memory is also an important fact to consider. According to a study conducted using spearmint extract, spearmint could improve people's working memory, especially with age-associated memory impairments. So a cup of spearmint tea could provide benefits to your memory, along with refreshing you with its sensational flavor profile.

Reduces Blood Pressure and Blood sugar

As we discussed earlier, the chemical compound (-)-carvone that we can find in spearmint is known to be beneficial in keeping our blood pressure levels low. In return, this property could result in better health for the overall cardiovascular system. Regarding blood sugar levels, some research evidence has suggested that spearmint tea could help reduce blood sugar levels in diabetes patients. It seems that there are more studies needed in this area, yet there’s no harm in pouring a cup of this delicious tea simply for your enjoyment.

Reduces Stress

Enriched with menthol and other essential oils, spearmint is an excellent commodity for reducing stress levels and inducing sleep. The pleasant aroma of these teas is beneficial in relaxing your mind, while the internal compounds work their magic to relax you internally. Spearmint makes a great tea before bedtime due to this factor, and the tea could promote restfulness within you.

Spearmint tea and few other herbal teas in a glass container

Spearmint tea benefits Vs. Side Effects

Like many other herbal teas or tisanes, Spearmint tea is considered a safe beverage for many. Spearmint tea benefits are widespread among tea lovers and tea masters; however, it is essential to learn every aspect of this plant-based brew. This tea is an excellent source of refreshment & comes as a caffeine-free brew that you can enjoy any time of the day. Even with all of its benefits, some people could still be sensitive to spearmint tea, especially during conditions like early pregnancy. Generally, these teas will not harm you when consumed in moderate amounts & as a part of your healthy diet. As a beginner in tea learning, you should be aware of the possible side effects below from drinking spearmint tea:

Acid Reflux

Spearmint tea can impart a cooling effect on us due to its chemical properties. However, some may experience acid reflux upon consuming this herbal tea. For instance, patients suffering from GERD (gastrointestinal reflux disease) should not drink spearmint tea, as it could worsen the situation of acid reflux.

Androgen Imbalance

As mentioned earlier, spearmint tea is a great source to overcome the hormonal imbalance in women. However, excessive consumption of spearmint tea could cause androgen imbalance (a type of male sex hormone) within you. Therefore patients who have such a hormone imbalance history should be cautious when consuming spearmint tea.

Issues during Early Pregnancy

Early pregnancy days are always critical and regarded as a period where you should be extra cautious about everything. Spearmint tea or herbal tea must be consumed after consultation with your medical officer to avoid possible complications.

Final thoughts: Spearmint tea benefits are genuinely incredible!

As you have read, spearmint tea benefits are diverse and resourceful. Spearmint can bring energy to any loose leaf tea table or a summer tea party as a flavorful and refreshing caffeine-free tea. This tea is soothing whether brewed hot or iced. Consider these benefits and side effects when you are ready to pour a cup of spearmint tea to enjoy your afternoon. Remember to cherish these beautiful gifts of nature as you sip your cup of spearmint tea.

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