Valentine's Day Tea party arrangement

Impressive Valentine's Day Tea Ideas to Sip, Savor, and Share!

Nov 27, 2023

Shanika Dasanayaka

Where there is tea, there is love! Have you ever considered throwing your lover a special Valentine's Day tea party? Well, you can try it next Valentine's Day, especially when you both love tea!

Valentine's Day is a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world. It has been a historic celebration of love for centuries, and every 14th of February is recognized as the day of lovers, or Valentine's Day. Almost all lovers in the world celebrate this festive occasion with their companions romantically, and they share unique gifts to celebrate the event. The day is usually associated with a typical romance theme involving roses, chocolates, and color ranges like red, pink, and white. 

Tea is a beverage that shares companionship and love. By incorporating this into Valentine's Day, a new reason for drinking tea has emerged, making it a modern way of celebrating Valentine's Day.

Let's amuse your love with a romantic Valentine's Day tea during the next Valentine's and make it a strong bond lasting forever!

Hosting Valentine's Day Tea Party

Lovers commonly celebrate Valentine's Day to share love and affection. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with showing your devotion to your friends and loved ones by hosting a Valentine's Day tea party for them. As a starter for the Valentine's Day celebration, a traditional afternoon tea party arrangement with matching refreshments will do the needful.

Invitation to Loved Ones

It is better to make the Valentine's Day tea party a small and private gathering of the closely associated loved ones in your life. A specially arranged tea party will show how much they mean to you. You may invite them personally by sending handwritten or printed invitation cards, calling them over the phone, or using modern communication techniques like Facebook groups or WhatsApp groups. Make sure to arrange the party at a convenient time for everyone in a convenient location. A dress code can be suggested to make the event more colorful if the party is more formal.

Food Preparation

You must be pre-prepared for the tea party, not wait until the last minute. The tea party would be ideal when you make the food, as they pair well with the tea you are willing to serve. The party table would become more romantic if you could make the shapes and colors of the food items follow the Valentine's Day theme. You can cut the sandwiches' ingredients the night before and bake cakes the day before to keep them fresh. Some matching food items with the Valentine's Day tea party concept are as follows:

  1. Finger tea sandwiches cut into a heart shape
  2. Cream cheese with strawberry
  3. Raspberry powder covered with melted white chocolate
  4. Fresh tea scones and strawberry champagne jam
  5. Cheese tarts decorated with dry rose buds
  6. White chocolate brownies

Make a Gift to Take Home

The party would become more lovely if you could gift them with handmade items matching Valentine's Day with a tea theme. It will feel complicated, but it will show how caring you are and how much the guests mean to you. Some suggestions for gifts are as follows:

  1. A rose-flavored, dried rose petals mixed tea pack in a handmade paper board container
  2. A linen tea bag filled with one serving of tea decorated with a small wooden heart
  3. Homemade chocolate, flavored black tea, and strawberry powder wrapped in a paper tea filter

Choose the Perfect Tea Ware

At a tea party, the tea wares on the table bring an elegant appearance to the party table. Always try to use clean and quality teapots, teacups, and plates to serve your guests, and make sure to arrange the table before their arrival.


A nicely decorated tea party table would make the experience unforgettable for guests. The best decor for a Valentine's Day tea party is fresh flowers that give off a romantic vibe with their color and fragrance. Though red roses symbolize Valentine's Day, be creative and incorporate some lilies, narcissus, tulips, and seasonal flowers that are readily available. While the tea would refresh your guests internally, the decorations at the venue will make your guests relaxed and enjoyable. Always try to make the décor match the theme of Valentine's Day by using more red colors and heart shapes.

Variety of Teas for Valentine's Day

Many tea types have been specially made for Valentine's Day. Delicious chocolate flavors and sophisticated rose notes are mostly used in tea blends. These may be black tea, green tea, oolong tea, white tea, or even herbal tea blends, but select a tea that matches the concept of Valentine's Day.

Rose Grey

Rose Gray is a black tea mixed with dried red rose petals, lavender, rosemary, and a delicate bergamot note. Being a black tea, it contains caffeine, and the tea blend can work perfectly as an alternative to Earl Gray.

Blue Lady Grey

Blue lady gray tea is a black tea mixed with lavender, blue mallow flowers, and a strong bergamot note. It contains caffeine as a black tea and is a more robust alternative to Earl Grey tea.

Strawberry Herbal

Strawberry herbal is a black tea with a decent strawberry note that can be used as a lovable afternoon tea. Strawberry is a fruit that symbolizes Valentine's Day because of its bright red color and heart shape. As a black tea, strawberry herbal contains caffeine, giving a reddish teacup with a beautiful strawberry note.


PITTA herbal tea is a popular blend mixed with flowers, mint, and spices that contains lovely flowery notes, a gentle taste, and a minty finish. Being an herbal beverage, PITTA does not contain any caffeine, and it will be an ideal caffeine-free tea for your Valentine's Day tea party table.

Pecan Praline

The concept of Valentine's matches well with chocolate, and it is a must in a Valentine's Day tea party, even in the form of tea. Pecan Praline is a soft, sweet, and nutty blend of South Indian black tea with cinnamon chips, pecan nuts, and natural flavors that would give a loving reddish teacup to your tea party.

Simple Raspberry

Simple raspberry tea is a unique blend of South Indian black tea, dried natural raspberry pieces, and natural flavors. The tea can be described as a raspberry tart in a teacup with a reddish cup color. The tea goes well with milk, sugar, honey, maple syrup, pure without any additives, or even as an iced tea.

Crème Brulee Oolong

Crème Brulee Oolong tea blends oolong tea with black tea oolong, almond pieces, cinnamon chips, jasmine buds, and natural flavors. It gives a light reddish teacup with a magnificent taste of tea mixed with cinnamon and caramel.

Midsummer Night's Dream Tea

Being a tea that contains no caffeine at all, midsummer night's dream tea is a mix of various herbs, fruits, and flowers that gives a perfect taste combination. The tea has citrus and mint notes, with fruity flavors of apple and gooseberry and flowery tastes of marigold and red rose throughout its profile.

While Chocolate Obsession Tea

This tea has a dark reddish teacup with white and dark chocolate flavors. This further presents flavor hints mixed with a grape taste, satisfying all your taste buds while bringing you a lovely feeling. It is a black tea flavored with cocoa powder, white and dark chocolate flavors, carob, and grape seed extract.

Blueberry Acai White Tea

The tea contains heart-shaped drops, which match well with the Valentine's Day concept. The tea has a fruity, tart flavor, creating a playful and romantic mood. The tea is a mix of white peony tea, blueberries, acai berries, and natural sugarcane that gives the perfect combination of tastes of all these ingredients.  

Ways to Impress on Valentine's Day tea party

Valentine's Day is about showing others how much you care about them and how much they mean to you. Therefore, you should always try to impress them with different things. Commonly, someone cannot imagine how to impress others when they are so excited. Gifting a chocolate or a bunch of flowers on the day would be more traditional and more common in practice. 

But have you ever thought of spending Valentine's Day evening with your loved ones by hosting a Valentine's Day tea party? It is less common, and you can spend the whole evening with your love, giving a fabulous Valentine's Day experience that you could recall for years. Try these ideas at your tea party and make the day more romantic.

Select Some Unusual Teas

We all love trying new teas rather than the types we drink daily. What if you brewed a blooming tea with your loved ones to make the Valentine's Day tea party more impressive and exciting? Place a blooming tea in a glass teapot, pour hot water, and watch how the petals emerge. Experience how it steeps in the hot water with its bright yellowish color, aroma, and flavor. It would be a lovely experience to watch the changes happening in the teapot, which would impress your feelings. Moreover, some other handmade teas have different infusing patterns, but blooming teas are the best to induce a romantic vibe. 

Presentation is Everything

When hosting a Valentine's Day tea party, presentation is everything. A selection of quality, charming, and elegant teaware would give your tea party a rich look while making the event more elegant. You can pick Chinese teaware as it can naturally enhance the overall elegance of your setup. 

Size isn't Everything

Your tea party could be an afternoon tea or a high tea. For an afternoon tea party, the size of the food items is always bite-sized. If the theme of the tea party is high tea, the food and drink are typically served in smaller portions because Valentine's dinner is already on the way. The smaller tea cups are mostly used for serving, and dainty cakes and sandwiches are usually the best as refreshments.

Make Brewing More Fun

This party is all about tea! Make it an option for the guests to make and brew their own tea blends. It would be more fun than just offering them a cup of tea. Further, it may allow your guests to select the ingredients and make their own version of Valentine's Day tea! Display simple afternoon tea, dried rose petals, and small chocolate pieces in small containers, and ask the guests to craft their tea blends. Or else, you may make the teapot and request the guests to add extra flavor by adding rose buds or chocolate pieces to their afternoon tea and see how excited they would be. Keep a jug of milk, a bowl of sugar, and a bottle of honey by the side of the tea party table.

So, let's celebrate this Valentine's Day, not as others do in common. Hosting a Valentine's Day tea party makes the evening lovelier, romantic, playful, and fun!

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