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This journey will take us through various countries to explore their authentic teaware, sample different types of tea, and uncover historical stories about how it came to be so popular. We will also learn about the various cultures that have been shaped by this beloved beverage over time. Along our journey, we will delve into the fascinating history and cultural significance of tea throughout the years.

Spread of tea in Asia

From its origins in ancient China to its spread across the world, tea has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. It has been used in ceremonies and rituals, as a medicinal remedy and even as a form of currency. Its fascinating history is full of stories about how it was discovered, how it was adopted by different cultures, and how it remains an important part of many people’s lives today.

In addition to its rich history, tea also has various forms of teaware that have become iconic symbols in their own right. From delicate porcelain cups to elaborate teapots, the variety of teaware speaks to the importance that tea holds in many cultures around the world.

Due to the discovery of the effects of tea, it traditionally started off as a medicine rather than a beverage. Ancient Chinese used tea for imperial tribute duties, courtship customs, ancestor worship, and gifting. The tea culture expanded outside China in the ninth century, first to Japan and Korea and later to the Middle East. This marked the spread of tea in Asia, and then to the entire globe.

Why Clay?

The right teaware can also make all the difference when it comes to enjoying tea. Clay teapots and cups are especially popular as they add an element of authenticity to the experience. Clay is an ideal material for brewing tea due to its ability to keep the beverage hot and retain the flavor for longer.

Today, tea is widely consumed for its medicinal benefits as well as its taste. Tea can be enjoyed in a variety of ways and with different types of teaware. From traditional teapots to modern infusers, there are many ways to enjoy your favorite cup of tea. Whether you’re looking for an energizing morning boost or something to help you relax after a long day, tea can be the perfect remedy.

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Western style brewing kit

This western-style brewing kit is an authentic handmade product from the USA and allows you to brew many types of tea regardless of its leaf size or other attributes. This style of brewing requires a reasonably long brewing time (1-3 minutes) and can be brewed multiple times but is not required.

Gong Fu style brewing kit (Gaiwan)

This stylish tea brewing kit is also made in the USA as a quality handmade product. Gong Fu style is a traditional Chinese style of tea brewing and today is equally popular among tea lovers due to the finer qualities you get in the brew. Usually, large leaf teas or Oolong style teas are used for this brewing style and involve multiple quick brewing cycles. (15-30 second brewing time per cycle) This style is not ideal for brewing small leaf tea. However, with a strainer to separate tea leaves from the brew, you can still use this for small leaf tea.

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