Tea Time Pt1 - My Tea Time In A Box

Tea Time Pt1 - My Tea Time In A Box

Jan 31, 2023

Johnathan Milton

My “Tea Time In A Box” Introduction

Are you looking for a unique way to explore the world of tea? Look no further than our tea and pastry subscription box! Our subscription box is perfect for those who want to learn more about different types of teas and pastries from around the world. With our box, you will receive a variety of premium teas and delicious pastries that we have carefully selected. As part of your subscription, you will also get access to exclusive content that will help you learn more about tea and where it came from. 

Your Monthly Subscription Box!

Unboxing the Tea J Tea Experience

The unboxing experience can be an exciting feeling of revealing products and seeing them for the first time. If asked what makes unboxing TeaJTea’s monthly subscription boxes unique, we would say that each monthly box contains completely different teas and pastries every time you open the box. As you explore your tea journey with us, we will provide you with various flavor profiles and textures that you may have never experienced before. You’ll get teas from the 6 different types of pure teas and some exotic herbal blends. With these boxes, you can learn about other teas and pastries worldwide. We strongly encourage you to enjoy a tea time experience with a companion as part of your subscription, as it would make your tea taste exponentially better.  We aim to allow people to explore and find a tea of their choice in these boxes because we believe there is a tea out there for everyone. So don’t wait any longer and travel on your tea journey with us!

What types of items are included in My Box

Our tea subscription boxes offer a variety of teas, from Origins, Fruity or Floral, and Explorer teas. In the tea subscription boxes, you will explore a range of flavors and aromas that will satisfy any palate. Tea J Tea also allows you to experiment with new tea flavors and pastries from around the world to enhance your tea experience. Each box contains enough tea to last a few weeks so that you can enjoy your favorite brews all month long. Get ready to experience the world of teas with our fantastic selection!

First, let’s get to know our tea lines in a bit more detail:


Just as its name suggests, this line of tea comes straight from the tea farms of the tea-growing nations. Farm to cup is not only a concept for us in this line of tea; it’s a belief we stand for and support wholeheartedly. We only source authentic white, yellow, green, oolong, black, and Pu-erh teas and deliver them to you. We believe hardworking farmers cultivate their skills to produce high-quality teas and deserve to be paid fair prices for their products. Our Origins line strives to reduce the touch-points in the extensive supply chain to give you and the farmers the best value. These teas consist of teas from the high mountains of Taiwan, lowland farms in Vietnam, and even teas in colder climates such as the PNW; each tea has its unique flavor and aroma due to the terroir the teas are grown in. Don’t just take our word for it, though. You must try it for yourself! 

Fruity Or Floral

Most people know of the flavors such as peach, jasmine, and mango tea; however, have you tasted cherry, osmanthus, or butterfly pea tea? These flavors are not unique but delicious! In our fruity or floral line, we’ll introduce some familiar teas with the not-so-familiar teas so you can expand your tea encyclopedia. Some of these may be blends; some will be scented, and others just plain fruit or flower. Hearing about the teas and being able to taste them are entirely different experiences. When you try our Fruity or Floral line, you can explore countless possibilities within a simple cup of tea. 


This Explorer line is the most exciting line of all. This line is not for those faint of heart; it’s designed for those adventurers and brave souls who love having new experiences. Within this line, you’ll taste the spiciest ginger tea, the earthiest Pu-erh tea, the smokiest lapsang tea, and the sweetest Rooibos tea. The teas in this line have distinctive and vivid flavors and aromas. Surprises abound with this cluster of “Explorer” tea!

Tea Pastry & Crackers

The treat doesn’t end here. To enjoy world-class teas, we provide customers with our top-picked pastries. It comes especially paired with each tea, perfectly aligning its character and flavor with the texture and notes from the pastry.

The flavor of the tea is affected by what you eat before drinking the tea. Therefore, included in your subscription boxes, you will also get saltine crackers to eat in between each pairing to clean out your palate and let you fully enjoy the next pairing.  

What is tea time for Tea J Tea?

‘Tea time’ is a common term used to describe a time of refreshment for the upper classes between lunch and dinner. It is usually served between 3 and 5pm and started in the 19th century. Therefore, 'teatime' refers to the mini-meal, not just the beverage. 

At Tea J Tea, our tea time is not restricted to a timeframe, but we strive to bring connection. To us, teatime is meant to be a time to slow down and have good conversations over delicious tea and pastry.  Communication is the key to connecting us, and our tea time is meant to be enjoyed with a companion. We hope this will enhance the tea experience. 


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