International Tea Holidays That Every Tea Lover Should Celebrate!

International Tea Holidays That Every Tea Lover Should Celebrate!

Jan 17, 2023

Johnathan Milton

We are Tea lovers, and we do not need a designated day to celebrate our beloved cuppa! Some tea lovers argue this when it comes to many tea celebrations worldwide. At Tea J Tea, we believe every tea story needs a little sparkle and celebration. So why not celebrate each of those days and embrace the diverse tea traditions and cultures all around the world? This article will discuss some of the international tea holidays, and focus a bit on the various natures of these celebrations. Tea traditions are constantly enjoyable to learn and it is a must for all tea lovers. 

As a beverage cherished across the globe, tea has many different days and celebrations from one tea nation to another. A tea day is generally designated to promote and embrace various aspects of tea, from growing to consumption. While tea growers and producers focus on sustainable production and ethical growth, tea consumers may celebrate tea’s sensory and cultural aspects. In this background, each tea country has different tea holidays for various purposes.  

Tea Holidays Across Different Nations

As we discussed earlier, many dedicated tea drinkers or tea lovers do not need a particular date to celebrate their cup of tea. However, such celebrations often raise global awareness, knowledge sharing, and innovations, making it a great initiative to follow and continue. 

January 12th: National Hot Tea Day (USA)

Do you know the importance of January for a tea lover? Well, January is the national hot tea month in the United States (US). So during the month of hot teas, US tea lovers celebrate the National hot tea day on January 12th. Of course, tea has been in the US for several centuries; however, the celebration of national hot tea day only began in 2016 when The Tea Council of the US declared it. 

February 6th: National Matcha Day (Japan)

Japan is home to many great tea treasures, and Matcha tea is their most fabulous jewel. From that perspective, it is not surprising to have a designated day to celebrate the art of Matcha tea. The day of Matcha, or the National Matcha day, is February 6th of each year, and this event has a cultural value in Japan. This history of National Matcha day goes way back to 1992 when the Nishio Tea Trade Association declared this date to  commemorate the 120th anniversary of Nishio Tea.

April 21st: National Tea Day (UK)

Great Britain or the United Kingdom (UK) holds a unique position among the tea-drinking nations, and they love and adore their cup of tea. With their tea-oholic background, tea drinkers of the UK celebrate their “National Tea Day” on April 21st of each year. Tea plays a massive role in British Tea culture, and these tea holidays are often celebrated with tea parties, tea education sessions, tea pairing or high tea events. Tea lovers in the UK can be genuinely obsessed with this wonderful brew so celebrations such as tea for bridal showers and similar scale parties could often occur on this day. 

April 30th: National Bubble Tea Day (USA)

A few years ago, many tea scholars predicted Bubble tea to become a trendsetter, and now we are in an era to witness this. Boba tea, Bubble tea or pearl milk tea has rapidly gained popularity among the youth of both tea-drinking and non-tea-drinking nations and soon will top the list of the world’s favorite beverages. Like many other countries, the US is a great fan of this Taiwanese-originated beverage, and they even have a dedicated day to celebrate bubble tea. This tea holiday started because the Kung Fu Tea company applied for a National Bubble Tea Day to be added to the US holiday calendar in 2018. The date of April 30 was selected because that was the day in 2010 that Kung Fu Tea opened its first American bubble tea shop in New York City. Today, many tea vendors, and enthusiasts in both the US as well as Taiwan celebrate this holiday. Celebrations include developing creative bubble tea recipes, competitions, and first-hand boba experiences with the customers. 

May 21st and December 15th: International Tea Days

International tea days are not just simple holidays or celebrations. These tea holidays are vital for tea growers as they gather and share their best practices. On the other hand, tea consumers share their tea secrets from one generation to another. This way, it creates interactive momentum among different tea communities, which are fun and educational. 

International Tea Day is a fairly significant event for major tea producer countries and other global industry partners. There are two different dates for this celebration: May 21st and December 15th. 

On December 15th a celebration was initiated in 2005 by major tea-producing nations such as Kenya, India, and Sri Lanka to gather around and celebrate International Tea day.  The event primarily focuses on awareness building, agricultural and environmental challenges, fair trade, and sustainable practices. 

Later the celebration got the attention of the United Nations, and they declared a separate dedicated day for international tea celebrations from a consumer perspective. They declared a separate International Tea day on May 21st, and the purpose is to focus on the history, culture, economy, and other important aspects regarding tea around the world. Tea stakeholders worldwide are keen to celebrate these days through various trade events and forums. 

International tea holidays raise awareness on sustainability, ethical tea production, and tea-related social and cultural developments. Therefore, these are significant initiatives to make the tea industry more global friendly. 

All of June: National Iced Tea Month (USA)

While the diverse hot teas dominate the world of tea, you might be surprised to hear that Iced tea also has its own month for celebrations. Similar to hot tea, there is rising popularity of iced teas, especially within western tea cultures. Back in the year 1904, the tradition of iced tea was first introduced to the US, and it was an ideal treat to wave off the extremely hot and humid months of the year. Since then, iced tea has had its own journey, and people cherish this tradition during June each year. You can go crazy as much as you want to celebrate this tea event, and you wouldn’t be alone, as nearly 80% of US tea consumers prefer their tea iced! 

June 10th: National Iced Tea Day (USA)

Yes, it is not only a month; there is a dedicated day as well! As you already know, National iced tea month comes in June. Every year, we get to celebrate National Iced tea day on June 10th. Iced tea is the summer’s favorite drink for many US tea drinkers. During this day you can also gather around with your tea-loving friends to celebrate this particular date. You don’t need to be an expert on how to make iced tea to celebrate this event, but bring your creativity and a few simple ingredients to brew some refreshing drinks for the summer.

Last Friday in June: National Cream Tea Day (UK)

Yes, there is a dedicated day for cream Tea as well. Tea lovers in the UK have separate dates to celebrate Cream tea or teas served with scones, jams, and creams. The day falls on the last Friday in June, and it’s a tea pairing event that combines pastries like scones with matching teas such as English breakfast or Earl Grey.

September 21: National Chai Day

When each iconic tea has its dates to celebrate, why shouldn’t chai? Yes, extremely popular chai tea or masala chai tea is celebrated on September 21st to honor this wonderful tea tradition. National Chai Day officially commenced in 2018, and you can enjoy this in several ways, such as creating different chai versions or recipes with the various spices and black tea base.

October 31st: Japanese Tea Day (Japan)

Japan is the home of many valued tea traditions, and today Japanese teas have become incredibly popular for their health benefits. Accordingly, Japanese tea day falls on every October 31st to cherish the value of this beverage. Japanese green teas or Matcha teas are incredibly excellent with their flavor and health benefits.

November 30th: National Mate Day (Argentina)

This celebration is not necessarily on a true tea but an equally crucial herbal tea! Mate or Yerba mate tea is a popular herbal drink with many beneficial properties, including its ability to energize and awaken our senses. Mate is a national drink in Argentina, and they do have a dedicated date to celebrate this iconic tea. National Mate day falls on November 30th of each year, and as much as we love our tea, Argentina loves their cup of mate and it’s a massive part of their culture and heritage. 

Ways to Celebrate National Tea Holidays

All these tea holidays and celebrations might not be relevant to us or our cultures. But these dates and festivals can signify how vital tea is as a tradition for different nations worldwide. Some tea days are essential for the betterment of the tea industry, while some tea holidays focus only on fun and celebrations. Either way, it is essential to be aware of these diverse celebrations, and we can use these dates to create more meaningful tea moments. So, as tea enthusiasts, how can we celebrate one of these tea events? Let’s find out! 

Invite a Friend or Family to Celebrate the Tea Holidays

Tea should not be celebrated without a gathering! Yes, tea is a drink that must be enjoyed together and something that is more delightful when shared. So to celebrate a tea day or tea event, you should always invite some guests, either family or friends, who love sipping tea as much as you do. 

Try Something New on Tea Holidays

Prepare some new and exciting teas or recipes to entertain your guests and gather your knowledge about the event or tea day that you are about to celebrate. Learn about the history, culture, or even some interesting facts about the tea you are about to share with the guests. 

Expand Tea Knowledge.

Discuss, share and learn some fantastic tea facts as you sip your cup of tea, and remember to make this event fun and enjoyable. Introduce a fun game or two, or add a sweet pastry from the same country that the tea originated from to create good memories with your guests and make this event more meaningful. 

Support a Small Tea Business

If you don’t want to host, you can also invite your friends and family out to a teashop to support the local small businesses in the area. These tea shops will be more than happy to host you and usually would have something new and exciting; whether it be tea or tea ware. 

Final Thoughts on Tea Holidays

The world of tea gets much more incredible each day with new and exciting products and innovations. At Tea J Tea, we love exploring these recent tea trends and events worldwide while being a part of these celebrations. Being a centuries-old industry, different tea nations have many tea holidays and festivals that are part of their culture. As tea lovers, it is not necessary to celebrate all these events, but we can also study and collect the interesting elements and significance for our enlightenment. So, let’s enjoy exploring and sharing these lovely tea traditions because it will only get more delicious as you explore!

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