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A complete tea experience wrapped in a box. Each month differently delicious.

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Step 1:

Subscribe to get a monthly box of premium loose leaf teas and pastries.

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Step 2:

Receive your curated tea and pastry pairings direct to your doorstep.

<strong>step 3:</strong>

step 3:

Learn tea pairings via QR code on flyer in box. Then SIP-BITE-SIP your way through your tea journey.

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From Single Origin premium teas to Fruity & Floral adventures, many delicious teas are included within these monthly subscription boxes. With TeaJ Tea you also get to explore totally new tea flavors and each box comes with distinct kinds of pastries from around the world to elevate your tea moment.

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Had a wonderful time with Tea J Tea and their tea tasting and pairing experience. I loved the way the tea and pastries complimented each other and pulled out new flavors from each other. An enjoyable and educational experience.

- JEFF J. -

Fantastic!JEFF J.

Delicious tasty pastry cookies combined with unique tea flavors!

- Alena K. -

AmazingAlena K.

I absolutely love this subscription service! The teas were perfectly paired with the pastries and made my entire experience so pleasurable!

- Mady -


I have absolutely loved this subscription learning Teas from around the world and how they pair is so exciting.



The tea was very refreshing to have with the pastry. It complimented the sweetness of the pastry very well. I feel like I could drink this tea all day.

- SARA V. -

Highly recommended!SARA V.

The box works very well for large social events. Our group had a lot of fun! The pastries are tasty, although they did overpower the tea too much. The teas themselves were just alright, and I don't think I'd enjoy the box as much on my own or with 2 people. The pastry choices were very good and unique and varied. However, at the price point it's not very feasible to host a large group with these boxes, so I couldn't recommend it for large or for small groups. My favorite pastry was the flat wafer that paired with the green tea, and my favorite tea was the fruity and floral.
- RILEY E. -

Pretty ok.RILEY E.

Had the pleasure to attend a Teajtea tea ceremony with a delicious variety of teas carefully curated and brewed including a winter dong pian and a Vietnamese yabao. The Teajtea team paired moon cakes, green tea wafers, chaga crackers and other goodies with the teas to complement not just flavors but also texture. They were poised, knowledgeable, and welcoming as they explained the best way to savor each tea and treat. It was an unforgettable and enlightening experience.
- AJ -


I was so surprised how delicious the pastry with the tea was! I'm excited to try more combinations

- TONI B. -

Wonderful!TONI B.

We thoroughly enjoyed the total tea experience of your product! The teas and pastries pairing were outstanding and on point! Getting to know the history and origin of tea farms was a surprising bonus. We are looking forward to next month’s tea journey. We really enjoyed everything. Keep bringing tea flavors from around the world, the experience was fantastic!

Author NameAuthor Designation

The teas tasted amazing & wanted to know where they came from. The box comes with a QR code to scan, which leads to all the details about the teas. It was a pretty cool feature!

- JACOB W. -

Perfect for teatimeJACOB W.

I liked the flavors of the tea, & the pastries were perfectly matching with the teas. Our guests totally loved these.
- JAMES W. -

Delicious!JAMES W.

First time I experienced Tea Time In A Box, I loved the vibrant flavors of the teas. So fresh and delicious
- JOE -

First timer hereJOE

These boxes are absolutely amazing. A lot of the teas are unique ones that I'd never considered before, but after trying them with the pairings, they're absolutely delightful!! Each box is informative as well and the included information on which teas to drink with which snack, as well as different brewing methods and the notes on each tea are quite helpful. I also love the stickers on the snacks and teas, as they're color-coded to match: each tea has a sticker that goes with the matching colored sticker on the snacks. It's very useful to keep track!! I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a unique and fun way to experience tea with others.


Amazing Teas and Perfect Pairings!NELDON

The pairing is perfect ! The kit comes with everything you need honey tea bags a flavor for all moods. It’s the best package for everyday!

- TAWNY B. -

AmazingTAWNY B.

The tea quality is fantastic!
This tea box gives me a really exciting and enjoyable experience. From opening the box, drinking tea, eating the paired snacks, and reading the tea description, I can tell that they really put a lot of work into this tea box. Definitely a good choice for people who want to try more new teas around the world😊


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